Born naked, ambidextrous, and with the urge to write, Nan Kilmer Baker hails from Idaho, the “Famous Potato” state.  A product of parochial school and the Jesuits, Nan graduated college with honors and went on to seek a master’s degree in gerontology after working as a ghost writer for anonymous students needing term papers in order to graduate themselves.

An accomplished swimmer, skier, and dancer, Nan is also an expert at making her violin whine and removing almost any stain from fabrics/furniture/fixtures.  She is currently blogging on these and other often difficult subjects.  To learn more about a multifaceted individual from Idaho, Google “IS IT FUNNY OR APPENDICITIS”  and watch for Baker’s book, coming soon to stores still open.

Her collection of essays is titled:  Naked Joy.  www.nakedjoybook.com


4 Comments on “About”

  1. greg kilmer says:

    My first shot at a blog

  2. catherine freck says:

    I love your Humor!!!

  3. meemselle says:

    Nan, How do you get to categorize your posts by title rather than just by date? My site is WordPress, too, so if it works for you, it ought to work for me…..Keep writing!

    • Nan says:

      Meems: I really don’t know; it just happens automatically. Sorry I can’t be of help here. YOU keep writing!

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