Proud to announce:



Nan Kilmer Baker delivers

Length:  287 pages

Weight:   4 1/2 pounds

Date:         January 14, 2017

Time:         8:33 a.m.








6 Comments on “ON SALE SOON…”

  1. doug clegg says:

    Alright Nan. This is good news. We look forward to reading.

  2. Sandy Stewart says:

    One of the longest pregnancies in history. Bravo! Cheers and love. Sandy

  3. Jan Gross says:

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to take a peek.

  4. Susan Gunn Bromley says:

    Can’t wait to tickle its tootsys.

    Susan Gunn Bromley Executive Director Weston Historical Society


  5. Jgfsails says:

    Really happy for you! (This is far better than just being happy!) So, have you decided to cede control and follow your orders? When is the signing festivity? (No, I will not attend the event if it is in New Delhi).

  6. Nan says:

    Reblogged this on isitfunnyor appendicitis? and commented:

    Obviously, this baby is overdue. Talk about labor pains…

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