A Colorful Woman


Winslow, my father- in- law, lives in the Carlisle, an upscale  assisted living home in the Florida Palm Beaches .

He is the wise man who attends Happy Half Hour daily but claims he does not stay for the entire party.

So the last time I visited the Carlisle, Preston ( my husband and Winslow’s oldest son) and I got on the elevator with a very nicely groomed woman using her walker.

I always try to make conversation in an elevator so noticed this well- coiffed woman had a name tag.


Raising my voice I said.  “Judith Lavender!?!

What a pretty name!”

Without missing a beat, Ms. Lavender replied, with a smile.

“Why yes, my name is Lavender and normally I wear only that lovely color.

But today I am wearing powder blue.”


2 Comments on “A Colorful Woman”

  1. meemselle says:

    Judith Powderblue doesn’t have quite the same sachet.

  2. Sandy Stewart says:


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