Crissy is not a doll familiar to me.  Recently an old childhood friend asked if I had ever owned such a doll, and I had to confess I’d never had any interest in a Crissy.  What I coveted, at two years old, was an African American baby doll.

Can I tell you how proud I am of this fact?  I mean, as a precocious toddler,  how progressive was that?   I made it perfectly clear what was on my wish list. (My mother claimed although I rarely had much to say, I never spoke “baby talk” rather, I used clear, concise sentences.)

“Mama, I want Santa to bring me a little, brown, chocolate baby for Criss-muss,   Okay?”

Now, what puzzled everyone involved in the request was that we lived in Idaho and I had never even seen a colored person, in person.  And it couldn’t have been on television as I refused to watch any program unless there were a monkey or two on the screen.  Thus, my older brother Biff pointed out.  “As a kid, Nance, your T.V. viewing was pretty limited!”

Only years later did I learn what a difficult time Santa had locating a dark brown baby doll to place under our tree that year.  I think she, I mean he must’ve ordered it from a store back east, where my mother had grown up in a rich environment blessed with Jews, Christians, Negroes, Protestants and even some celebrities.  She always told us Kilmer kids we were deprived to be growing up in such a “white bread” town.  So she regaled us with stories of her privileged childhood, albeit without a father.  But that’s another story.  One you can read in my upcoming book, NAKED JOY, Confessions of a Skittish Catholic from Idaho.

And so it happened, I woke up Christmas morning at the tender age of two to a plastic,chocolate brown baby doll under the tree.  Plus, Mommy had sewn my baby a wardrobe of  cuddly infant gowns and blankies.

“And what will you call your new baby, Nanner?”  Daddy asked as I changed its tiny diaper.

Without hesitation I declared the name I had decided upon weeks before.

“CHOCO-BABY!  What else?”






One Comment on “WHAT A DOLL”

  1. sketchylala says:

    I asked for a horse every Christmas. No go.
    So at least you got the doll you wanted. Lol!
    Love your stories!

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