Colored clocks with hours around the world

Colored clocks with hours around the world

So the other “day” I wake up early in Stockholm.  Husband and son asleep in the suite, I punch my stupid smart phone and realize it is 6:17 in the morning.

Let the vacation begin.

“Phew”…I whisper to myself.  “The hotel’s club opens at 6:30 a.m. so I can just slip into some sight-seeing garb and grab a coffee and Danish in the lounge”.

Once ready I head up to the 13th floor by elevator, I mean “lift”.   Arriving at the ever-so-exclusive club I realize the door is locked and no one is home.  Rejected, I descend to the lobby on LEVEL G.

Leaving the lift I am floored by the number of partiers at the bustling bar.  I think to myself, “Well I guess these people are all from America or beyond so it is still happy hours for them?”

I take a seat near the luggage room and gaze around the hotel to pass the time.  The sleepy attendant behind the check-in desk looks at me, puzzled.  So I look back at him like a sane person might do.

Then I glance behind his head and see an old fashioned clock.  NO, I see lots of such clocks, each set with a different time.  Surely you have seen these time pieces in your travels around the world?

So now I must figure out which time zone I might be in.

Oh there!  Northern Europe!!  And it tells me it is about a *half hour past midnight.


This not only explains the rockus cocktail party going on behind me but the fact that my not-so-smart phone is still giving me Eastern Daylight Time in the United States.

Chagrined, I head back to Room #522 where my husband and son still slumber.  I gingerly slip back into my pajamas, stumble into bed, and hide my head under a pillow.

Troubling dreams ensue.

*NOTE: In June/July it stays light in Northern Europe 21/7.   Plus, I might have had a touch of “Jet Leg” as my silly son used to refer to the effect time change imposes on the human body.


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