isitfunnyor appendicitis?


As most of my fans and readers are aware by now, I hail from Idaho–the
“Famous Potato” state.  Our license plates, twice awarded “Plate of the Year” by the National Association of License Plate Collectors, read “Famous Potatoes”.  As I recall there was a period of time when Idaho-uns decided this state motto was hokey and sought to change it to something more sophisticated and classy.  They lost.

Sure, Maine grows fine potatoes but they have a silly motto: “Dirigo”, which is Latin for “I Direct”.  What kind of motto is this?  A dumb one, if you were to ask me.  And no one did.

I am not trying to impress you, but my cousin Corrie’s grandfather—that would be my father’s sister’s father, invented the TATER TOT.  I am serious.  The man, Henry Chase, along with the Grigg brothers, came up with the idea to form potato scraps into small…

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One Comment on “TATER TALK”

  1. Jgfsails says:

    Hi Nan,

    Enjoyed your erudite comments (as usual) on Tater Tots and Idaho wild life. I went to the gym yesterday, expecting a spin class and hoping for the pleasure of your company. Alas, it was not to be, as class had been canceled and I did not get the word. So, I am off to Yerp on Tuesday for two weeks of decadence, then returning for ten days with my grandsons here until 20 July.

    Take care, and keep your sharing your visions.


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