isitfunnyor appendicitis?

Don’t tell anyone, but I have considered converting to Mormonism.  This has nothing to do with politics and where my vote will go in November.   It’s because I am just back from Utah, where I swear to god, I discovered the Latter Day Saints do not believe in hell or eternal damnation.

What the???

One would think having grown up in Idaho, which is swarming with LDS, I’d know more about their faith.  Truth is, my mother is a very devout Catholic, and when the Mormon missionaries showed up on our front step, as they too often did, she’d profess her adoration of the pope in Rome, while politely, yet firmly, closing the door.

So I assumed this was not a religion I should look into and had few Mormon friends.  We heard rumors about LDS issues like the fact that Joseph Smith did not believe in caffeine so drinks…

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One Comment on “GO TO HELL”

  1. meemselle says:

    Another grand slam from you!

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