isitfunnyor appendicitis?

Am thinking it’s about time I share a tale from “Naked Joy”, my upcoming book.   It is crucial you realize that when I was a child, my mother fell for “Chiffon”  margarine until she discovered “Everything’s Better with Blue Bonnet on it” and switched brands, never again to serve real butter in our home.   Mom was a sucker for a good ad with a catchy slogan, and she might be part of the reason I ended up a copywriter, infatuated with Mr. Clean and a huge fan of the Jolly Green Giant.  HO HO HO…



According to the Roman Catholic Church, children are not capable of committing sin until the completion of their seventh year, when they have reached the “age of reason” and can decipher right from wrong.  Until then youngsters are considered “innocents”.

Call me precocious, but on the brink of five I knew darn well…

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One Comment on “SPREAD THE WORD”

  1. meemselle says:

    Love it!  I gave you a LIKE on WordPress.  I haven’t written anything in a long time because I got into a kerfluffle with the owner of Tropix who basically said she doesn’t want me blogging.  I find this an egregious 1st Amendment violation and yet another symptom of her astonishing narcissism; it’s about ME, dammit.   Have to find a way to take Tropix out of it.  Keep writing.  This is funny stuff, Nan.

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