isitfunnyor appendicitis?

For several years I worked for the J.Walter Thompson Advertising Company in Tokyo, Japan.  It was in the eighties and at the time I was one of only four gaigin, or foreigners, in the office, working with mostly Japanese natives in the creative department.  Every day was an adventure and I loved, for the first time in my life, feeling TALL.  I did not love the smoke-hazed atmosphere or my hour long commute in sardine-like, sometimes unairconditioned subway cars.   But the pay was great (had to love that yen), the people fascinating and fun, and the work totally intriguing.

My primary account was SHISEIDO, the enormous Japanese pharmaceutical/cosmetic company headquartered in Tokyo.   I wrote copy for western countries and participated in focus groups where I often had to convince my Japanese female boss that saying a night cream “Brings Harmony and Peace While Beautiful Woman Sleeps” would not cut…

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isitfunnyor appendicitis?

Am thinking it’s about time I share a tale from “Naked Joy”, my upcoming book.   It is crucial you realize that when I was a child, my mother fell for “Chiffon”  margarine until she discovered “Everything’s Better with Blue Bonnet on it” and switched brands, never again to serve real butter in our home.   Mom was a sucker for a good ad with a catchy slogan, and she might be part of the reason I ended up a copywriter, infatuated with Mr. Clean and a huge fan of the Jolly Green Giant.  HO HO HO…



According to the Roman Catholic Church, children are not capable of committing sin until the completion of their seventh year, when they have reached the “age of reason” and can decipher right from wrong.  Until then youngsters are considered “innocents”.

Call me precocious, but on the brink of five I knew darn well…

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isitfunnyor appendicitis?


Am feeling flushed, excited to finally be at the forefront of something technological.  Okay, so I still don’t own a smart phone, refuse to join Facebook, am confused by my kindle, and will never purchase a self-driven car.  But I am the proud owner of a TOTO SMART TOILET—and have been for several years.

According to the Wall Street Journal earlier this week–“THE U.S. COULD BE ON THE CUSP OF A SMART TOILET REVOLUTION”.  The article reported that 75% of Japanese households enjoy these high tech porcelain thrones, and questioned why Americans wouldn’t want to indulge; (the concept of RESTroom would take on a whole new meaning, I might add).   Granted, companies like Charmin, Cottonelle and Scott are hardly thrilled by the prospect of paperless potties, but technology prevails.

Just imagine, although I don’t have to, being warmly welcomed to sit down on a toasty, soothingly lit seat, then relieving…

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