Well, it finally happened.  I had been predicting this announcement and it arrived in the mail the other day.  A brochure reading:

“THE DAY SCIENCE WENT UP IN SMOKE”—and why the right amount of tobacco could actually be good for you.  This smoking- hot news comes from a certain Marc S. Micozzi, Ph.D.  The hip doctor goes on to report that tobacco is “Nature’s oldest stress reducer” and that according to a study done by “a team of great young scientists”,  people who smoke half a pack of cigarettes a day are not only healthier and happier, but slimmer as well.  Now he’s talking.

Micozzi blames the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for bad-mouthing smoking.   He urges the group to stop focusing on that 1 in 10 smoker who gets lung cancer, and focus instead on why 9 out of 10 smokers never get lung cancer.

He does not mention clogged arteries, tongue, throat, and /or mouth cancer nor the deadly heart attacks and debilitating strokes associated with his beloved cigarettes. 

I wonder if he smokes?  If so, not more than half a pack a day, I’d bet.

And then we hear just yesterday that mammograms do more harm than good.  Great…I just had my annual last week.  Oh well…I’ll just light up ten cigarettes later today and consider myself healthy.

And keep shaking that salt as now too little is detrimental for our overall well-being and could be worse than too much salt.  But stay away from sugar unless it is natural/unprocessed and eat pork as long as it is from a lean pig, preferably one who smokes around 10 cigs a day.   And enjoy beef only if cow was grass fed but stay away from fish as it can deliver far more mercury than we need to keep kicking.

 And be aware next time you fly that those blankets you put over your face while sleeping in flight have NOT been laundered—just folded up and stuck back in a plastic bag.  And the water on board, unless it is bottled, is the same as that in the toilet.  And speaking of sleeping, many airline pilots admit to falling asleep at the controls.  Someone best keep an eye on the cockpit.  And the lavatories as well as people will soon be lighting up again if you listen to Dr. M.

So…there you have it–health advice for 2014 which undoubtedly will change by 2015 if not sooner.   And by the way, I haven’t kept up with the latest on alcohol consumption as I am afraid I won’t agree with what I might learn.

So for now—

“Gotta light?”


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