Earlier today I enjoyed lunch at the “Carlisle”—an upscale assisted living facility in Southern Sunny Florida.  I chose to dine there as my father-in-law, Winslow, chose to live his remaining years there.  (OK, so we “younger” family members chose to move him there.)

As we entered the bustling dining room about 7 white- haired women excitedly motioned for him to join them.  (He’s popular, I thought to myself.)  It was like a rock star must feel when entering the stadium.

“Win” as he is known at the Carlisle, took a subtle bow and showed me with his cane to the best table in the house.  To the catchy tune “Up, Up and Away” playing in the background, some seniors sang along as they enjoyed their meal or stared into space.

I ordered the turkey on rye and Win, the extra-long hot dog followed by green ice cream that reminded me of mint toothpaste.  He cannot hear so I attempted sign language and we had a fine time.

Then he whips out his agenda for the day, informing me:  “In case you think I just sit around all day, Nan, take a look at this.”



   Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Thought for Today:  “I don’t have everything that I want, but I do have all I need.”

10:00         WATER AQUACISE                                   Pool

10:00          POOLSIDE PARTNERS*                         Other Pool

12:00          LUNCH                                                         Dining Room of Choice

1:30            CANASTA CLUB                                         Game Room

1:30            BIRTHDAY PARTY w/ Annaleisa           Her Place

3:00           BLACK JACK                                               Party Room

3:15            WINE DOWN  (Happy ½ Hour)          Seniors Swarm the Building

4:05           DINNER                                                        Dining Room of Choice

7:00          FEATURE FILM                                           Lounge

7:30          CASH BINGO                                               Party  Room

8:30ish    LIGHTS OUT!                                               Bed

I cannot wait to be old enough to live like this.  One does not have to lift a finger!  Oh, maybe just to dial family to complain soup was cold the other day…

 *Still trying to figure out this activity?


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