If you follow me on twitter or if you simply follow me, you know I am recently home from a ski vacation in Idaho.  While visiting I did more than the slopes; I also conducted a search for a vacation home there in paradise.  Location, location, location.

I found and fell in love with a “vintage 1920s cabin nestled in the woods.  Breath-taking views of the Lower Payette Lake.  Heartwarming charm, character and coziness.  A must-see before it’s gone……….”

The place was close to but not perfect.  Thus I decided it best I meet with the owner, who also owns a booming casino in Nevada and stately homes scattered about the country.  Upon hearing at the local diner that said owner was in town, I instructed my agent to contact hers.  A date was set for coffee at “Uncommon Grounds”. 

The morning of our date owner, whom we will call Trixie* phoned me to finalize arrangements. 

“What do you look like?”  Trixie inquires.
“Well, all I can tell you is I will be wearing a purple ski coat”, I reply.

“Super!  Trixie exclaims.  “See you there at 11:30!!

Excited, I jump in the shower, blow my hair into a style, don a smart black and white outfit, then decide

against the purple jacket.  Instead I choose a simple white ,down number with a cozy yet practical hood.

Once at “Uncommon Grounds” I wait for Trixie to show.  All I know is she will be a single woman/all alone.  (Everyone else in the café has a friend or two sipping with them.)

At approximately 11:32 a.m. in walks Trixie—a tall blonde with BIG hair who looks more like a Texan than an Idaho-un.   She is very well groomed.

As I leap up to greet her, the owner of the vacation home of my dreams barks at me.


*name changed to protect owner of perfect vintage cabin nestled in the woods…


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