As the holidays wind down, poinsettias wilt, and scented candles expire, I reflect on the past Christmas Eve at our “Sweet Home Virginia”.   The stockings carefully hung, fire blazing, dishes done, and my hair in a bun, we choose to watch a warm and fuzzy movie.  “Love Actually” I think it is called…

All seems perfect until I realize my son, the fourth and essential member of our family, is missing.

Where on this peaceful earth could he be?

Oh!  Here he is.  Passing out printed pages to me, his father, and his hip-sister.

“Read this passage”, son instructs.  “Then turn the page over and circle either a,b,c, or d.”   (We each receive a #2 pencil as well.)

No pressure.

Where is this piece going?  Well, to the fact I got the WRONG answer on this MCAT practice exercise while husband and daughter scored perfectly.


One consolation is son assured me I only got the answer WRONG because I

“over-thinked” it.


New Year’s Eve went better in that I spent it between the sheets…

“Have a good one!”

  And hope your holidays were happy.


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