I am about to snap.  Some wreck less writer calling herself Myra recently claimed in an in-flight magazine article that the likes of the Green Giant or the Pillsbury Dough Boy no longer cut it in today’s media environment. 

“The age of the cartoon icon is arguably over”, she hesitatingly claims.  The key word being arguably, I might add.  Misinformed Myra’s thinking is that today’s calculating consumers want to feel free to socially interact with a product’s promoter by tweeting, e- mailing, texting and or friending him or her on- line.  “How silly”, I am thinking as I write, knowing what goes on between the lines.

Now I ask you—is it any different for  Ned in  Nebraska to e-mail a Valentine to Flo,the always happy to help Progressive Insurance agent,  telling her she is adorable,  than I blogging about my serious crush on Mr. Clean and his magic erasers, sprays, and muscular physique?

How dare this audacious author insult the Green Giant when his garden variety of veggies out-sells other brands, even Bird’s Eye, buy a long stretch.  At the risk of sounding corny, I’d hungrily string along my jolly good friend forever while All State’s Mr. Mayhem and Dos Equis Beer’s most interesting man in the world” leave me cold.   And don’t think I am not aware that these slick characters are no more than two-bit actors posing as commercial stars.  I happen to know Mayhem’s real name is Dean Winters and in real life he was Trouble with a capital T as a kid.  And that beer buster is nothing more than another pretty face.  

Little Debbie, usually found in the baked -goods aisle, is younger, sweeter, and more reserved than Flo, while Charlie the Tuna never ages and is in fact is far more famous AND interesting than The Dos Equis dude.  Many people have never even heard of the beer much less “the most interesting man in the world”.   Myself, I find him a total boar.

By the way, have you tried Mr. Clean’s latest sensation–a larger Magic Eraser for the bathroom?  It sinks deep into dirt, scum and mold, while leaving your tub sparkling—just like my precious Mr. C’s piercing blue eyes…


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