I am mad. The other day some lazy/ignorant person tried to tell me multi-tasking is not humanly possible.

As I bake an upside down cake and dust  the coffee table and discuss effective parenting with my lucid 89 –year- old mother while “holding” the phone under my right ear, I strongly disagree.   I CAN do it all.

So I am here to cell you on a product I support.   According to Anne Kadet ,a writer for “Smart Money” Magazine, (as opposed to “Dumb Money”) a middle-aged man in New Jersey named Bruce Peterson, upon losing his mother, caring for his aging father, and trying to run a flailing printing business, ran into a novel means of exercising his sagging body.  He googled and found a Treadmill Desk for 1,300 well spent dollars.  Brilliant –if you ask me.

Bruce now walks well over 5,000 steps a day at 2 miles per hour while composing e mails, perusing proposals and chatting on the phone.  He must be not only a successful businessman but a svelte sport as well.

Suppliers of the Treadmill Desk report the typical user is a driven, type A personality prone to being a workaholic/multi tasker/exercise fanatic with little or no life outside the office.  Many are lawyers, professors, and/or radiologists who read X-rays while on the run.  According to a study conducted by Mayo Clinicians, a serious user can burn an extra 100-150 calories per hour treading on the mill.  And this is in a world where most office workers text or e mail a colleague across the hall to avoid walking 12 feet to communicate in the flesh.

I am reminded of  Mitchell Pritchett, Claire Dunphy’s younger  brother on “Modern Family”.   A compulsive, driven, successful attorney, partner and father, Mitchell doesn’t do anything “half way” and in fact  tends to overachieve at most everything he attempts.  One of my favorite episodes finds him and Claire at the gym.  While Claire hobbles along on her machine, Mitchell is performing  “Warrior Two” on the next treadmill.

Exasperated, Claire pants,  “Can’t  you do anything normally, Mitchell?”

“I am simply doing TROGA, sis”, he calmly replies.

“It is Yoga on a Treadmill and I love it!”

Believe me, I am not one to sit around doing only one chore at a time or nothing at all.  After all, according to a recent study by some unknown researcher, a sedentary profession takes two years off one’s  life.  Yikes!  The suggested remedy, if you are a phone operator, writer, student, architect, truck driver, or worker who sits most of the day, is to get up every hour and take a walk to get your circulation moving.  And while you are at it, you might pick up a pair of Slipper Genies—scuffs you wear around the house or office as they dust the floors.  Ingenious—no?



One Comment on “T R O G A”

  1. Jgfsails says:

    Hmmm. Warrior Two on a treadmill is going to happen only briefly; in your case, a nanosecond?

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