I swear, I have tried everything under the sun to bronze myself, but hard as I try to turn over a new face, I tend to use Coppertone in a squeeze. Its penetrating scent takes me back to the lake in Idaho, afternoons baking/splashing in the pool, and grueling hours life guarding at our town’s version of a country club.  Read my upcoming memoir “‘NAKED JOY” and you might turn red as I share details of my daze perched on the guard stand–in a chapter I’ve labeled “Wacky Work”.
Back to lotion emotion.  Hearts warm with the image of  an adorable, tiny, pig-tailed girl with a black cocker spaniel, the pup pulling down her bathing suit from behind, revealing snow white cheeks in contrast to her otherwise pinkish/tan little body.  The famous Coppertone girl was “born” at the age of 3, in 1944 , so today must be 71 but does not look a day over 4.  She remains sunningly cute even in sweltering heat.
However, around the turn of this century, Merck, the creator of this icon, decided the image of little ‘Miss White Tush”  was too racy.  So conservative artists revised her image to be less revealing.  Nowadays the girl wears a white T shirt and the dog merely tugs on her shirt rather than exposing her derriere.  I find this refreshing, somehow.  While today actors strut nude on daytime soaps, teenagers belt trousers at their knees, and people sport thongs to “cover” their private parts as well as soles, someone is toning down an advertisement.  Fancy that…
Sum people don’t know that in 1965 the sunny dispositioned Jodie Foster got her start on T.V. as the Coppertone Kid at the golden age of 3.  Since that starring role, the foster child’s career has been shining.  She is one, hot mama, burning with passionate talent.  Fellow actors claim she is a ray of sunshine on the set.
Coppertone’s “sister” is BAIN de SOLEIL,which is french for “sun bathing”.  Aimed at older, more sophisticated customers, I used this fragrant orange gel through my twenties, when I felt bold and brave and beyond my old, reliable Coppertone.  I came to my cents by 30 and claimed Coppertone would be my protector for the rest of my time under the sun.
At the moment I must turn over the sun  flower seeds toasting in my oven, so best close this post and fetch the male. But not without reminding you loyal, healthy readers that in 1944 Coppertone suntan lotion was marketed as the ideal potion for a deeper, darker tan.  Beef jerky,the kids and I used to describe the dark brown bathers who laid around the pool every afternoon from May threw September.  Today, the same protective sun-screening product promotes even, fair skin, a youthful complexion.  Also, fewer visits to the doctor for removal of suspicious moles, or a shot or 3 of anti-freeze to eliminate squint/lip lines drawn by solar’s power.
Have a good  one!

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