I am not officially the “Queen of Clean” but  aspire to the title, so I use FELS-NAPTHA.  Admittedly, this is not exactly a catchy name for a 100-year-old heavy stain removing bar, but its fighting power is legendary.  I use it constantly for tough laundry issues, poison ivy treatment (not often, thank goodness), plant pest control, and fungus on my garden flowers.  The stuff is phenomenal.  And by the way, for those of you pet lovers; the formula also rids fleas and ticks from your furry friends.

I know what you are wondering:  what is in this miraculous soap?  I cannot be of much help with this question.  The red, white, yellow and green wrapping around the bar claims the following ingredients:

Cleaners, soil & stain removers, chelating agents, (look it up) colorants, perfume.  Contains NO Naphthalen.

“Phew, that is good to know” is my response to this final claim.

I wonder what Naphthalen might be and am guessing it was originally in the soap’s formula—hence the not so catchy name.  I think I need to do some further research before I wash my next load of soiled clothes, linens, towels and attempt to kill the pests and fungi on my plants.

First, you should know that the ever-so-familiar DIAL Corporation manufactures FELS-NAPTHA and publicly admits “this soap is a skin irritant and not to be used directly on the skin.  Grated and added to a wash cycle, about 1/16th of a bar’s worth of Fels per load eliminates residual resins that remain in clothes up to a year”.

Now I am agitated.  I mean, the Dial executives/creative people probably have polished lawyers who can and do keep their products appearing “clean” and on the market.  Although I have noticed not many stores carry FELS-NAPTHA so am excited when I spot it (no pun intended) in the detergent aisle in some super market or drug store.  And load up on the magic potion.

SO I have referred to the incomparable authority—WIKIPEDIA to uncover the dirt on FELS-NAPTHA.

“Ick”.   ) < :

Seems the standard solvent used in the soap is another name for mineral spirits, which are a mixture of multiple chemicals made from petroleum.  If you ask me, chemical is a filthy, dirty word; I don’t care for it.  Plus, exposure to many of them can affect one’s central nervous system, causing dizziness, headaches, or a prolonged reaction time.  It can also cause eye, skin, or throat irritation.

(And until now I simply thought I was dehydrated when I experienced these symptoms…)

Okay, so my intent is to help you readers learn from this crazy blog, but now realize I uncover unknown information for myself.  Nasty, crucial facts–loads of them.  Okay, I admit I am addicted to FELS-NAPTHA, so will try to give it up on my own.  If I fail, I will contact my old and dear pal Mr. Clean for his advice and guidance.  I am sure my bright, dependable friend has a solution for my problem(s) and I will recover and come out fresh and clean.

There you have it, but before I close I must share my favorite comment on line from a very satisfied FELS-NAPTHA customer:

***** Cleans pork off a wedding dress!

Reviewer:  Suzy Marie from SLC, Utah

“After taking bridal pictures and getting muddy, I took my dress to the dry cleaners.  $70!  So after getting dirt, gravy, dust, and red and green flower stains on my dress at the wedding, I needed it cleaned.  But didn’t want to spend another $70.

A friend’s mom suggested washing the dress in a bathtub with FELS-NAPTHA.  I was skeptical, but figured it couldn’t do much harm.  I wasn’t planning on wearing it again anytime soon  : )


Well, it worked beautifully!  The soap made the laced along the bottom look as white as ever and green leaf stains on the front are totally gone.  This soap is amazing.  Harsh enough to take out the stain, but delicate enough even for lace on a wedding dress.  $2 a bar is more than worth it.”

In answer to the question—

Was this review helpful to you?  Yes/No    


But I would have liked to have been at Suzy’s wedding.  Sounds like a good time was had by all, especially the fun-loving bride.


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