is the word of the moment.  Obama thinks he has it; Mitt wants it; and many of us in DC/Virginia/Maryland don’t have it–thanks to that recent dam “land hurricane/tornado/derecho/wind storm”.

Please let me blow off steam.

It all boils down to C O N T R O L.  Not one to follow politics, I guess Barack thinks he is boss at the moment.  And Romney, a Mormon, monitors each motion of every damn member of his perfect family. And neither DOMINION  POWER nor PEPCO can seem to restore it.

I even read Ann Romney has straight/good posture—at her age??  Now, that is self control.

Back to me.  I drive home during the storm only to find no electricity in my driveway.  Garage door does not budge when I push the remote button.  “Drats”.  I want to get inside, put recently purchased frozen foods in freezer, sip a cold drink, move wet clothes from washer to dryer, blow dry my sweaty hair. And so on.

POWER is out, I realize as neighbor’s TV is dark.  Once again, I must think quickly.  YES!  Painter who did not show today left his tall ladder leaning against “terrace” off my 2nd story bedroom.  Kicking off my pumps, I take control and scale the ladder within seconds, then hurl myself over the rail not unlike an Olympic pole vaulter.  All the while I am praying to the gods that terrace door remains unlocked.

The gods are on my side.  Slipping into my cool bedroom, I know I am home.  Pausing to catch my breath, lights flash, TV blares, AC hums, ice maker barks, birds chirp.

P O WE R  is back…

So who is in control?


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