Assuming you read my last post, my tutoring son worked last week with a special pupil whose father died while he can do numbers in his head, not unlike Rain Man.   First session with tutor, Bobby completed an essay detailing his father’s death, minus emotion.  But you know this if you follow my blog.

I am writing to inform that  the unique student returned the other day for more life lessons, human contact, sharing the specifics of his father’s passing, and discussing his love of numbers, large and small, (not necessarily in that order).  My empathetic son was pleased to see the memorable kid return for his help, and reported to me that this day he was not wearing a football jersey with numbers, like the time before.

Bobby was wearing a colorful tie-dyed shirt with a large letter on the front symbolizing Pi–


And now I must get back to serious writing at hand.  Please stay tuned for my memoir, “Naked Joy “coming as fast as I can get it published.


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