My playful boy is now an earnest young man. You should recall he graduated last month from Tom Jefferson’s univeersity here in Virginia.  Our slogan is “Virginia is for Lovers’” and I love that our sun received Highest Distinction and Distinguished Major for his degrees in physics and philosophy.  Honest.

Meanwhile, he is tutoring students both young and old still in Charlottesville.  And the other evening he phoned to tell me about a new client, whom we will call Bobby for now.  The kid entered the office wearing a football jersey and appearing to be about 15 years young.  My son initiated conversation asking “So, Bob, you like football?”

The stone faced kid (who turned out to be 19 and a student at UVA)  replied “No.  I just like numbers. And my dad is dead”.

Not one to miss a trick, the tutor realized he was dealing with a very special pupil.  To prove his theory, he poked at his calculator and asked his student to solve a quick problem.

“What is 242,955  x  437?”

And got the exact, right answer from the boy who’d lost his father and written a poignant essay about the fact showing no emotion, just the facts.

Call my son  Genius , then call Bobby  Idiot Savant, Autistic, Brilliant, Socially Inept, or better—

Rain Man.


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