Shopping is not my idea of time well spent.  But consumers have needs and dinner is a necessity.

No one wants to go hungry.  So we stock our cupboards and fill the fridge and defrost the freezer.

All in the interest of a good meal for family, friends and fullness.

Writing about friends, I have a good one up in the Big Apple.  But she has, I mean, had NO table.

So I guess she and her partner and his kid ate standing up for ever.  When I dropped buy we’d usually binge and skip out to a diner where there were many tables from which we could choose.  Bill tended to wait for us and I paid him off under the bar.  (This is  “TMI”—but I happen to know bill spends his free time in a gorge.)

Once home in Virginia I bake a green ham and head out to the maul to find a classy dressing.  Passing by a furniture shop I eye a large piece of oak in the window, perched upon a yummy looking stand.  “A FRICKIN TABLE FOR MY FAULTY FRIEND”  I whisper to myself, swallowing hard. is on SAIL.   So I charge it on my VISTA card—get the miles, order it shipped up to her –and just might tell her it costed more than I paid.

Call it a “finders’fee”…

!Buon Appetite!


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