The other day at the jim some of us girls and one brave guy were peddling our wears.  Fitness Cat, our lean and mean cycling/ torture trainer, informed us her former neighbor mowed the lawn in hoop earrings, a tube top, mini skirt, and spiked heels.  We thought this was not sew odd until she called Her Him.

He cut the green rug while his wife and three kids were at the super market in plain clothes.  Cat watched the man drag the mower back and forth over high grass.  She called her husband in from the closet to observe what she witnessed and as proof she was not lying down on the job.  (The wise- guy also liked to blow his leaves dressed to kill.)

I am not sure why men cross dress.  When women Don tuxedos, overalls or kilts no one gives a darn.  But dress a man in a sheath and he is suddenly queer.  Go figure you knit wits.

Cat maid me stay after class to disgust trans fats and how I dress for success.  Then she shared that she has a forthcoming trip to Amsterdam.  She loves fancy pots, bright red lights, and dykes.

Me, I just like to right about life as it plays out–

and wait for my book—“Naked Joy” to be published so I can tour the USA in my Chevrolet and visit all you suckers who read this Blog.

Many warm thanks; do not hem nor haw at my werk.


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