Flying home from Palm Beach on Saturday the man seated next to me in 6B quietly fingered his e book and squirmed.  It was freezing on our flight, we both agreed as we pulled on sweaters and huddled our arms, not together, but next to our sides.  The trip to Atlanta was uneventful and the flight attendant, an attractively pleasant Asian American provided service worthy of his class.

As the plane descended over Hartsfield airport I spoke to my seatmate.  “Is this home for you?”
“No, I live in L.A.” he replied.

“I went to grad school there—what part is your home?”  I asked.

Studio City was his answer.  He is a jazz pianist/helicopter instructor and very fascinatingly nice person.  He proceeded to explain to me he had just been in Florida playing music for an upcoming Christmas CD featuring two well -known performers.  He claimed the woman is a lovely person but the man is nocturnal so they worked from midnight till seven a.m. for daze and he was exhausted—eager to get home to sunny California.

You have probably seen this cute couple before—way back in 1978 when they filmed a blockbuster American musical set in a 1950s high school.  Danny and Sandy were beautifully portrayed by John Travolta and Olivia Newton John.

I refrained from asking my new friend any details about John’s latest capers. I happen to love the person and refuse to believe he is anything but a great guy with extreme talent.

Hey, we all have our issues.


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